A place-based approach and innovation in cities


  • Óskar Dýrmundur Ólafsson
  • Hervör Alma Árnadóttir




Cities; neighbourhoods; innovation; service; place-based approach; inclusion.


Cities have developed different methods when solving challenges and meeting various needs of the citizens. One such method is a place-based approach. This paper is about innovation in public service. The aim is to explain and discuss why a place-based approach is important for the development of cities and neighbourhood communities and how a place-based approach may increase the wellbeing of citizens and enable innovation in a fast-changing world. The question is, how does innovation in public service appear in a place-based context? The main findings are: This approach can be useful when designing and providing better service in cities. It is more sensitive towards diverse needs of people and help the development of more connected and stronger communities for better inclusion. To enable this, changes in management and leadership can be useful, moving from e.g. New Public Management methods towards a new leadership style namely called The New Civic Leadership. 

Author Biographies

Óskar Dýrmundur Ólafsson

MPA, executive director af Reykjavík City.

Hervör Alma Árnadóttir

Associate Professor at the University of Iceland.



How to Cite

Ólafsson, Óskar D., & Árnadóttir, H. A. (2024). A place-based approach and innovation in cities. Icelandic Review of Politics & Administration, 20(1), 49–64. https://doi.org/10.13177/irpa.a.2024.20.1.3



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